Sunday, June 22, 2014

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Don't know exactly where I've been for the last year and a half?  

Yeah, me either. 

Life just got busy.  Lots of babies, phone calls, text messages, emails, new business ventures, and home and family life all jumbled into a day. 

I have learned much more about using essential oils than with my last post.  All I can say about that is, I'll never be without them if possible.  DiGize alone has saved me from countless painful days and nights.  

Recent May and June babies:

Adalie:  a little bit of a travel so I stayed put even though mama wasn't very far along when I arrived. Sweet labor and birth of a perfect third child for this family.

Elliana:  also a bit of travel for this first time mom but stepmom of several.  She was so calm and her husband so attentive.  He had only experienced hospital births before and commented on how calm everything was.  

Hank:  an hour drive for this one too.  When I arrived mom was about 4 cm so I left to run out for a quick bite of lunch.  Dad ran to the grocery store.  A frantic text message from this third time mom had me running to get back and I caught this baby boy about 10 minutes after my arrival there.

Penelope:  adorable baby girl right in my own hometown (love those!) to a mother of two little boys.  Perfect birth surrounded by her husband, mother and sister.

Joy:  Another hometown birth to a set of first time parents.  Kind of a long labor for her but she remained solid and calm.  Sweet water birth of this little girl.

Wyatt:  This little one was born in the hospital because mama lived about 75 minutes away and my very laid back backup doc wasn't a convenient option for her.  Her backup needed to get this 42 week baby here before he left for vacation, so that's the way they chose to go.  He is healthy and adorable.

Tristan:  This baby boy had me pushing the speed limit at 1 AM to arrive before he did to his first time parents.  They only live about 25 minutes away so tucking that bit of info away for the next baby :)

Waiting on two more June babies to arrive and hoping their chose separate birthdays :)

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