Monday, July 30, 2012

Time off?

I find myself in the unusual situation of having only one client in early October.  I normally have 3-4 clients a month now.  My November clients are due late in the month, which buys me some extra security of the possibility of not being "on call" for a possibly a week or more?  Depending on when my early October client delivers, I may have something most of you take for granted.

Time off call.

This is a rarity.  Hasn't happened for a year and a half.

No weekends away at the beach, no trips to south GA to see friends and family, and I haven't seen my grandson Benjamin down in Tampa for.......I can't even remember.  Too long.

So, no matter who calls and how desperate they sound, I will not be taking a single new client due in October this year.  And as soon as my October client delivers, I will be heading south.

Hoping to see friends in Thomasville, family in Valdosta and my sweet grandson Benjamin in Tampa.

Now, let's just be praying every baby will cooperate.  I need this time off.  Need some time where I'm not constantly getting phone calls for every imaginable complication or question.  Time when I can NOT think about mothers and babies.

Except my own mother and my own children and grandchildren.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I decided not to continue to upload any birth stories or pictures any longer.  I might occasionally mention having been busy birthing but for now, there won't be any more.  Sorry.  It just seemed wiser in light of a very litigious world right now.

But you'll still get cute pictures of my grandchildren and life stories.

I babysat for Erin this week while she went to the dentist and got some really sweet pictures of Lucy and Ian.  You bet I'm going to share them here....

Yep, they are cute....there's no denying it!