Sunday, August 26, 2012

Struck low

I think I'm a pretty healthy person.  I don't really get sick very often and if I do, it's pretty short-lived.  But something got me recently and sidelined me for quite a few days.

Woke up on a Wednesday with just a low grade temperature and some body aches.  Took some ibuprofen and kept on rolling.  Too much to do to pay much attention to it.  Went to bed rather early that night.  But around 12:30 the next morning I woke and found myself shivering uncontrollably under the covers.  I couldn't get warm and I couldn't stop shaking.  The kind where all your muscles contract painfully and repeatedly.  It was painful.  I got up and realized I was running fever and went into the kitchen to take something for the fever.  Woke my husband to tell him I wasn't well.  Still couldn't stop shaking.

He ran a tub of water for me to get in and still I was shaking all over.  My heart was racing and I realized there might be some type of infection somewhere that needed some attention.  Matt and Tom both wanted me to get help and they called an ambulance.  Tom patted me dry, all the while I am still shaking.  I went to lay down on my bed and asked for a trashcan and threw up once then that passed quickly.  The shaking stopped and the EMTs showed up.  Six of them.

My blood pressure was low and my pulse was high and my temperature wasn't taken because they couldn't find their thermometer.  But they loaded me up in the ambulance and started an IV and put me on O2 and took me to the ER.  Once I got there my temperature was 104.4.  Who knows how high it had gotten before I took something for it?  They drew blood and ruled out anything bacterial but didn't run any test for anything viral (like West Nile).  Sent me home with a high powered antibiotic and told me not to take it on an empty stomach.  However, THEY gave me one on an empty stomach and it made me feel queasy for a while.

So I kept running fever from then until middle of the day Sunday afternoon.  Stayed in bed an extra day but when I tried to take a shower on Monday morning and dry my hair, it took everything out of me and left me drenched in sweat for the effort.  Had a headache the entire time I ran fever.

Who knows what that was.  Probably will never know but for the first time in 17 years I had to turn my phone off and be unavailable for clients and births and I missed one.  Fortunately there were several other midwives who volunteered to cover for me but that was a first for me.

Still rebuilding my strength and energy and back on call again.