Saturday, November 24, 2012

Holidays are here!

I both love and dread the holidays.  I love the prospect of seeing my family but the ever pending threat of mommas going into labor to interrupt those precious times looms large.  Seems we can never time things just right.

We did get to have some Thanksgiving time this year though.  Missed seeing Erin and her family because they traveled down to Thomasville and spent 6 days down there, but Kayla invited us to her house for a Thanksgiving Eve meal together and that was special.  It was her first time making a turkey and I think she did pretty good!

Olivia and Kate await the good food

Family gathered around the table


Nana and Olivia

Nana, Kayla and Olivia

Micah the youngest grandchild
Gluten free, dairy free pumpkin pie

My sweet potato casserole

Then on actual Thanksgiving Day we got to spend some time with friends from "back home" as they came up to see a few of their children and grandchildren.  Doug and Janine Taylor.  Doug is a physical therapist who was involved in a devastating car accident several months ago.  He almost lost his life but his wife never lost faith in a healing Father!  Doug still has a few miracles left to go but it is amazing he is here among us still!

Doug and Janine at the Marriott lobby, where we went to try and find an open Starbucks only to be disappointed  :(

The beautiful fountain outside, which looks a bit like a spaceship lit up at night.

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Erin Fielding said...

we're back! we came back this morning and got back about 3 after all the stops. we missed y'all too but I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving.